Health report of PGE VIVE Kielce
15.03.2019, 15:45

Health report of PGE VIVE Kielce

In the last league match against Azoty Puławy, PGE VIVE Kielce team played without five players. Michał Jurecki, Krzysztof Lijewski, Alex and Daniel Dujshebaev as well as Uladzislau Kulesh had a break. Vlad's injury is harmless and he will soon join the team. Alex Dujshebaev is slowly getting ready to return to the court. Michał Jurecki and Krzysztof Lijewski will stay out of the court for a few weeks and Daniel Dujshebaev will surely have a break untill the end of the season. Below we present the health report of the PGE VIVE Kielce team from March.


The athlete suffered an ankle injury during the evening training before the last match against Azoty Puławy (13.03.). The player did not play during this match, but the injury is not serious and he will soon return to the game.

Taking into account the fact that in previous clubs such an injury happened to him quite often, his ligament system does not look very fresh – the club physiotherapist says, Tomasz Mgłosiek – We want to prepare him as well as possible for the match with Motor Zaporizhia, therefore he is going to train individually and that is why he did not go to Puławy.

If Vlad feels well, he will play in the upcoming match against Energa MKS Kalisz, which will take place in Hala Legionów on 16 March at 4 p.m.


The elder of the Dujshebaev brothers felt pain during the match with Kristianstad in February. In the sixteenth minute of the meeting, Alex was knocked down by a Swedish player, Helge Freiman. After this action, the player started to limp and finally asked the referee to stop the game so that he could leave the court. It turned out he has injured a ligament in his knee. Since then Alex has been training individually with Tomasz Mgłosiek, and with the team he only performs exercises that do not require contact with other players. Rehabilitation is proceeding according to plan.

Exercises performed by Alex do not cause any pain, the player does them with full commitment – Tomasz Mgłosiek comments – On Monday he is going to have an MRI, which will show us the state of his knee. If everything goes well, starting next week Alex will begin working normally with the team and will be at the full disposal of the coach.

The player should be back on the court soon, but everything will depend on the health condition and shape of Alex, as it should be taken into account that the back-court player has not participated in regular training with the rest of the team for more than a month.


The player suffered a rupture of anterior cruciate ligament and damaged the meniscus during the World Championships in January. He underwent knee surgery in Madrid and began the first stage of rehabilitation there, and early in March he returned to Kielce, where he was taken care of by Tomek Mgłosiek, with whom he is working on his recovery. Dani is currently reproducing movement patterns and is working on strengthening all parts of the muscles.

We do not take into account only the knee, because it is only a part of the chain – the physiotherapist explains – We think about the ankle, knee, hip, torso and hands, as he is going to throw balls. The player performs standard exercises in the gym such as the rest of the team, activating the part from the waist upwards, and this week we are going to also add first strength exercises for legs. At the moment we are satisfied with his progress, we are introducing new movements every day, making the exercises more difficult, and Daniel does not object, nothing hurts him.

We won't see him on the court until the end of the 2018/19 season.


Captain of PGE VIVE suffered a hand injury during the match of the Champions League against Rhein-Neckar Loewen in February, which the team from Kielce, after a great struggle, lost by one goal 29:30. In the fiftieth minute of the game, at 23:26, Michał gave a shot at the rivals' goal, and hit Ilija Abutović with his hand during the swing. The back-court player returned to the defense, but after a while he asked the referee to stop the game, left the court and did not return until the end of the match. Medical examinations showed a fracture of the first metacarpus bone (thumb), and on 27 February Dzidziuś underwent a procedure of internal fixation of the bone structure.

Currently Michał is wearing a special brace on his hand, which he will remove in about two weeks. Until then, he cannot do exercises with the ball, so he focuses on running and muscle strengthening. If everything is fine after this time, the player will return to regular training.

The hand will certainly be a little "numb", because it is going to be immobile for a long time, so we will probably deal with mobility first, and then we will start introducing the player to exercises with the ball – Tomasz Mgłosiek explains.


Krzysztof Lijewski suffered an injury to his left hand during the evening training of the team on 11 March. Lijek's fourth metacarpal bone broke.

It was bad luck, Lijek collided with a player during the exercise and did not complete the training – Tomasz Mgłosiek explains – X-ray showed a fracture of the bone. Currently the hand is in a cast, we are waiting a few weeks for a check up and if everything is okay, the player will return to training. At the moment Lijek does not participate in trainings at all, next week we are going to introduce running.

The player will return to the court in a few weeks.