The team from Płock had no chances! We are the Champions for the 16th time!
25.05.2019, 10:07

The team from Płock had no chances! We are the Champions for the 16th time!

We have already played the second final match! Only one result was possible. The team from Płock only once took the lead of this match, 1:0. In the following minutes it was the hosts who took control over the game and although it was fierce, hard and balanced, they did not let Orlen Wisła Płock put the result in danger. PGE VIVE Kielce won the decisive final game of the Polish Championship 32:25, winning the sixteenth trophy in the club’s history and the eighth final game in a row. The injured Michał Jurecki and Daniel Dujshebaev, as well as the suspended Uladzislau Kulesha could not play in the match. On the Płock side, Renato Sulić was suspended for an illegal play in the previous meeting.

PGE VIVE Kielce – Orlen Wisła Płock 32:25 (15:12) 

PGE VIVE Kielce: Cupara, Ivić – Bis, A. Dujshebaev, Aginagalde, Jachlewski, Janc, Lijewski, Jurkiewicz, Moryto, Mamić, Cindrić, Fernandez, Karalok

Orlen Wisła Płock: Wichary, Morawski, Borbely – Daszek, Krajewski, Racotea, Moya, Zdrahala, Obradović, Góralski, Piechowski, Zabić, Mihic, De Toledo, Kowalski, Mlakar

The entire hall was standing! – no one had to remind anyone to actively support our team from the beginning of the final battle for the Polish Championship. Even during the presentation of the teams, the walls of the Hala Legionów were trembling from the shouts of fans and drums! The atmosphere was very hot, and thanks to the goalkeeping interventions in the first minutes, the audience was even more active! At the very beginning, Vladimir Cupara and Adam Morawski proved that it will not be easy for the players to throw a ball today.

In the absence of Vlad Kulesh, Luka Cindrić started the game on the left back, leaving the center of the field to Alex Dujshebaev. In case of the team from Płock, coach Sabate placed Igor Żabić on the pivot, who entered the field in the first line-up due to the absence of Renato Sulić. The game was hard, very hard. The players of both teams kept falling on the floor with a bang, trying to force their rivals’ defensive. The players from Kielce were more effective in these attempts, entering the sixth meter without mercy and leading 6:3 after twelve minutes. Polish Champions were led by Luka Cindrić, who looked as if he made a decision already before the match: we have to win this title, even if it means leaving the rest of health on the floor!

Although coach Sabate asked for time to stabilize his team's play a little bit, it didn't help much. A few minutes later the hosts were leading 9:4, thanks to played actions and throws from seven meters (although it should be noted that Adam Morawski managed to defend one of the “sevens” by Julen Aginagalde). The team from Płock did not play too well, since either they made mistakes themselves, or Vladimir Cupara stood on the way of the ball thrown to the goal. Only ten minutes before the end of the first half, the guests demonstrated a well conducted counterattack. The rushing Michał Daszek effectively defeated our goalkeeper gaining the sixth goal for Płock in this match. When getting back to the defense, the player bumped into Alex Dujshebaev, but it was an accident and after a moment both players shook their hands and continued the match.

The players from Płock were ambitiously trying to catch up. In the absence of Nemanja Obradović, who was sent to the bench for two minutes, coach Sabate took “Loczek” off of the field. This idea was followed by punishment from our players twice with shots into the empty goal made by Angel Fernandez and Blaz Janc. The result of the first half was determined by the penalty shot of Michał Daszek. We were leading 15:12.

In the second half, the entire Kielce team was driven by Alex Dujshebaev, Blaz Janc and Luka Cindrić. In the eyes of the Croatian center-back one could still see great determination. In the fortieth minute of the match, Luka ran the whole court in the counterattack and although he could pass the ball to Blaz Janc, he decided to score the twenty-second goal of this game  at all costs, at the last section fighting with the floor for survival of this crazy run. And he made it! We were leading 22:16!

On the right side of the court, during this part of the game, we could watch the Slovenian winger, who gave way to Arek Moryto on the edge of the court. For defense, Blaz was replaced by Krzysztof Lijewski. Unfortunately, in the forty-fourth minute the Slovene ended his participation in the match due to the foul on the fast moving Michał Daszek, who ran in a counterattack towards the goal of Vlad Cupara. Blaz received a red card and the winger of the team from Płock took advantage of the penalty shot to score 18:23 from the perspective of his team. Therefore we were still leading in this meeting with a quite secure result.

Nevertheless, both teams kept their fierceness in the game. Players kept falling on the floor when fighting for the ball, pushing each other in the defense and shouting with joy after each goal scored. Each of the PGE VIVE players did their best, regardless of whether they had been playing for sixty minutes or entered the court only for a moment. A few minutes before the end of the final duel, Filip Ivić, who so far has given way to Vladimir Cupar, stood between the posts for a penalty shot. Ficio defended Michał Daszek's throw and stayed in the goal until the end of the match.

During the last moments, the stands were already celebrating and the advantage of the players from Kielce was constantly growing, and they eventually won 32:25, gaining the sixteenth title of the Polish Champion in the history of the club! Nobody ever managed to do this! As the first team in history we have sixteen titles!