Igor Karaić in Kielce! I. Karacić: I always wanted to work with the best
18.06.2019, 11:59
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Igor Karaić in Kielce! I. Karacić: I always wanted to work with the best

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On Tuesday afternoon, June 18, at the VIVE Kielce club headquarters, a press conference with Bertus Seervas, the president of the club, and Igor Karacić, the new PGE VIVE Kielce player was held. MVP of the past VELUX EHF FINAL4 and the winner of this edition of Champions League will join the team of Polish Champions at the end of July, in preparation for the upcoming season. The Croatian joined the club on a three-year contract and flew to Kielce for a medical and in search for accommodation. In the meantime, he also managed to introduce himself to the local press.

The press conference was held in a very friendly, relaxed atmosphere. President Bertus Servaas spoke first, cheerfully introducing the new PGE VIVE Kielce player.

He is a very funny man, we had dinner last night - said President Servaas - I never seemed to like him when he was on the pitch - he usually played and won against us, but now he will be on our side. He is already learning Polish and I learned that in Croatian 'prawo’ (right in Polish) means 'prosto’ (straight in Polish). Yesterday we almost had an accident because of this! - the President laugh.

Then he asked Igor Karacić to say a few words about himself.

First of all, I would like to tell you all 'good morning' - the playmaker greeted everyone in English - I spent seven beautiful years in Skopje, thank you very much to Sergei Samsonenko, the president of Vardar and my teammates. I would also like to thank President Bert and my manager, Sasha Bratić, and Miloš Pavićević very much, because they gave me the opportunity to become part of one of the best clubs in Europe. It is a big responsibility and an honor to be here. I am looking forward to all the new challenges and I hope that we will be able to win many trophies together.

After a few introductions, journalists asked their questions and asked why Igor decided to go to Kielce, despite having many options.

I've always wanted to work with the best - answered the player - I have played with the best playmakers in the world, Alex Dujshebaev and Luka Cindrić. They are my best friends. I would like to be a part of the best club in Europe and also work with Talant.

Journalists also mentioned that the central playmakers in Kielce are somewhat cursed, they always leave the club after fulfilling their contracts - like Dean Bombač or Luka Cindrić. Journalists asked if they should be wary that Igor would do the same.

I can only say that I am very loyal and will do everything in my power to contribute to the success of this club. If you look at my career, you'll see that I spent seven years in Skopje. Now I want to be here. I signed a three-year contract instead of a seven-year one, because I'm thirty years old - laughed the handballer - but I am truly happy to be here.

The questions also concerned the great success of Vardar, which ended with the club's second ever victory in the VELUX EHF FINAL4, especially in the face of financial problems.

For me, the atmosphere is the most important thing - explained Igor Karacić - We spoke in the locker room about who wants to stay, who wants to leave, we agreed that our goal is to win the Champions League and we took this goal very seriously. I was lucky to have had such wonderful colleagues as Stojanche Stoilov or Timur Dibirov, we all wanted to fight to the end. We won the Champions League, I became the MVP, God gave me everything - for which I am extremely grateful.

Journalists also asked about which team they would like to play against in the upcoming Champions League draw for 2019/20.

To me, it does not matter - the player admitted - this year with Vardar we probably drew the most difficult group in the world, we took third place, and finally won the Champions League. In fact, the more difficult the group, the easier it is to win Final4, but generally it is important to me.

At the end of the media scrum, the president handed Igor a T-shirt with number 5.

Igor really wanted to play with number 18, but Blaž Janc has this number, so he will continue his career playing with number 5 - explained Bertus Servaas.

Igor will play with the number previously held by the legend of the PGE VIVE Kielce team, Michał Jurecki, captain of the team, who spent ten seasons in Kielce, but will play for Flensburg next season. However, the new playmaker assured that he chose this number not to contend with Michał’s authority, but because of his friend.

I chose this number because of my captain, Stojanche Stoilov, my close friend - said Karacić.