A. Wolff: I fell in love with Kielce at first sight
04.07.2019, 12:14
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A. Wolff: I fell in love with Kielce at first sight

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It's a beautiful city, I fell in love with Kielce at first sight. Everything you need is here, and sport can be your only focus - said the 28-year-old goalkeeper after the first two days in the capital of the Świętokrzyskie region. 

The German goalkeeper arrived in Kielce on Tuesday, when he passed his medical and visited his future home. On Wednesday afternoon he met with media representatives and did not hide his ambitions related to joining a new club - I swapped the best league in the world for one of the best teams in the world. I came here to be the best goalkeeper in the world. I believe that I will develop together with the club and together we will win many titles!

In the new season, the yellow-white-and-blue goal will be significantly different. Two new players will appear in this position, apart from the German national team regular, also play Mateusz Kornecki will play in the goal, who is also a Polish national team goalie - Me and Mateusz will get to know each other week after week. We both want to improve. I am tired of being benched, but I know I am not the only player on the team. We will be both eager to play. I saw Mateusz when he played for Poland. He is an excellent goalie. We will compete in a sporting way and mutually improve.

During the meeting with the player, the journalists emphasized that his transfer to Kielce is one of the biggest in the history of the club - PGE VIVE has already made big transfers, such as for Igor Karacić, who was the MVP of Final4, or for Alex Dujshebaev and Julen Aguinagalde earlier. Recent years in THW were a little disappointing, and now here in Kielce, I want to improve, I am hugely motivated, I want to be the best goalkeeper in the world and I will strive towards it.

It is worth mentioning that the new player greeted the journalists in Polish - Dzień dobry, jestem Andreas, mieszkam w Kolonii i pochodzę z Niemiec (Good morning, I am Andreas, I live in Cologne and come from Germany). For several weeks now, the 28-year-old player has been learning our language in private lessons.

Andreas Wolff will play with number 33. The meeting with the media took place in the Calimero Cafe. Thank you very much for your welcome!


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