Another home-grown player will make his debut in the Superliga!
05.10.2019, 08:45

Another home-grown player will make his debut in the Superliga!

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On Wednesday, October 2, during a meeting with PGNiG Superliga's newcomers, Grupa Azoty Tarnów, KS VIVE Kielce’s home-grown player will have a chance to debut in senior competitions. Cezary Surgiel will be included in the match protocol, in addition to Miłosz Wałach.

Caesar Surgiel is one of the greatest talents in Kielce. He has been training in KS VIVE Kielce since childhood, first with coach Tomasz Litwin, and from the youngster level with coach Aleksander Litowski. Czarek is a right-handed player who has been regularly appointed to Poland's youth national teams for two years. In May this year Surgiel together with the team of PGE VIVE young juniors won the silver medal of the Polish Championships in Ostrów Wielkopolski.

He is a boy who has always been a leading figure in the teams he played in – coach Aleksander Litowski praises – he distinguished himself with his skills, technique, versatility and great aerial prowess. He was always well-organized, conscientious and well educated at school. Initially he played as a playmaker, but recently only on the left wing due to his physical conditions. He's a little short of height and strength, but I wouldn’t write him off. At the Polish Junior Championships last season, when the need arose, he entered the court as a playmaker. I was wondering if he shouldn't remain a playmaker because he’s so strong mentally, he can see and think a lot on the pitch, but for the moment we focused on the wing.

This season the young player plays in the Kielce junior team and the PGE VIVE II Kielce team competing in the second league. In the recent match against Grunwald Ruda Śląska Czarek scored 8 goals in the first half. He did not appear in the second half of the match because coach Litowski wanted to give the rest of the players a chance to play. The match ended with a high victory of PGE VIVE II Kielce, 34:18.

This Wednesday, October 2nd, in a match against Tarnów, Cezary Surgiel will have a chance to debut in the PGNiG Superliga. In the meeting with the league newcomers, he is to appear together with the older Miłosz Walach. Coach Talant Dujshebaev decided to give some rest to a few of the first selection players of PGE VIVE Kielce and give the opportunity to play to our talented youth.

I'm very happy that Czarek will be able to debut among seniors – coach Litowski admits – For me it's a great thing that such wholesome, future-oriented boys are moving up in the world. I am sure that if everything goes well, both of them will be very good players, making us proud of our pupils.


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