Igor Karačić is the best handball player in Croatia!
22.12.2019, 14:14

Igor Karačić is the best handball player in Croatia!

  • Magda Pluszewska
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  • Tomasz Fąfara
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Tomasz Fąfara

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A great honor for our player! PGE VIVE Kielce's playmaker, Igor Karačić, was named Croatia's best handball player of the year 2019!

The results were announced at the Lido restaurant in Zagreb. In addition to numerous sports stars, politicians and public figures, the entire Croatian men's national squad was there.

The best male handball player of Croatia in 2019 was Igor Karačić, the best female handball player — Ivana Kapitanović, the best coach — Lino Cervar, and the best referee pair — Matija Gubica and Boris Milosević. The vote was cast by sports journalists, coaches and union activists.

Igor Karačić got 91 votes and won with a big advantage — second place was taken by former PGE VIVE winger Ivan Cupić with 42 votes, third was Domagoj Duvnjak (23) and fourth was another former player of the club from Kielce, Manuel Strlek (22).

Last year, the best handball player in Croatia was the former PGE VIVE playmaker, Luka Cindrić.



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