16.12.2019, 14:25
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Fantastic fun at the end of the year!

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  • Magda Pluszewska
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The 6th edition of the Dziki Mecz (Wild Match) is history! On Friday, December 13, after the last league meeting of PGE VIVE Kielce this year, in which the Polish Champions defeated Gwardia Opole 38:21, the court was taken over by children! The Dziki Mecz was jam-packed with fantastic atmosphere and a number of attractions.

For the sixth time in the Hala Legionów there was a great celebration of Kiełek the Boar, children and handball as a whole! In the Dziki Mecz, the Blue and Yellow teams once again competed against each other, this year with the following line-ups:

The Yellows:

  • Mateusz Kornecki,
  • Branko Vujović,
  • Miłosz Wałach,
  • Julen Aginagalde,
  • Angel Fernandez,

The Blues:

  • Alex Dujshebaev,
  • Doruk Pehlivan,
  • Mariusz Jurkiewicz,
  • Arkadiusz Moryto,
  • Daniel Dujshebaev.

In addition, both teams were made up of the winners of the annual Saint Nicholaus Day Tournament – players from coach Aleksander Litowski's team – and children selected by fans and Kiełek the Boar himself in our Facebook competition.  

As usual, the rivalry was unlike a standard match at all. The players willingly broke all the rules, establishing their own. Angel Fernandez was riding a scooter between children, Branko Vujović was defending access to his team's goal together with Scyzio, the Korona Kielce mascot, and Kiełek the Boar made sure that the Referee wouldn’t see too much. The minimal victory went to the Yellows, beating the Blues 9:8.

There was a lot going on outside the court! Julen Aginagalde felt the festive atmosphere a bit early, fooling around to the Spanish hit song “Feliz Navidad”, Mateusz Kornecki had a lively discussion with the hero of the Dziki Mecz, Tymek, and Miłosz Wałach shared his joy of passing his driving license exam that day. At the same time, players who did not take part in the match handed out autographs, posed for photos, talked to fans and packed gifts collected by the fans as part of the Noble Parcel event. The event was streamed in real time via InstaStory on the @kielcehandball club account.

Thank you all for joining the event and our fun together during the match!



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