New PGE VIVE Kielce right winger!
21.11.2019, 20:00

New PGE VIVE Kielce right winger!

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In the 2020/21 season a new player, the Icelandic right-winged Sigvaldi Gudjonsson, will join the Polish Champions team. The Slovene, Blaž Janc, will leave the club.

More transfer news for PGE VIVE Kielce fans! In the 2020/21 season the yellow-white-and-blue team will be joined by the right winger Sigvaldi Gudjonsson. The 25-year-old Icelander is a member of the national squad, currently playing in the Norwegian club Elverum Handball, which competes in Group A of the Champions League. Gudjonsson's team takes the penultimate place after eight rounds with only one point to their name, while the Icelander is its most effective player — so far he has scored 36 goals for his team. Sigvaldi Gunjonsson is 190 cm tall and weighs 83 kg.

“We are very happy to sign a contract with the Icelandic winger," comments President Bertus Servaas. “For the time being his contract will be valid for one season, but we hope to extend it quickly, we have high hopes for him.” This means that Blaž Janc will leave the team after the 2019/20 season. I am very grateful to Blaž for everything he has done for our club and will still do until the end of this season. He is a one-of-a-kind player and we all wish him good luck in his further career.

Blaž Janc came to Kielce in 2017 as one of the greatest talents in the history of Slovenian handball. With the PGE VIVE Kielce team, he won two Polish Championship titles and two Polish Cups in two seasons, and in the last season he was promoted to the VELUX EHF Final4. He's been in the Champions League since he was 15. The winger has not yet confirmed the direction he will take after leaving Kielce.

I think that in about two weeks' time, everything will be arranged and everyone will find out about it — comments Blaž Janc — “For the moment I would just like to confirm that I am leaving Kielce. I thought for a long time whether to stay or leave, but there came a moment when a decision had to be made. I'm playing for this club until the end of the season and I'll always have fond memories of it.”



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