22.06.2020, 11:49
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Support us in our most important match!

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Grzegorz Trzpil

During the first few days of crowdfunding action on www.zrzutka.pl/kielcehandball we have collected over 150,000 PLN! Thank you to everyone who has already participated in the campaign. Because of you we are still in the game!

On May 29, 2016, a quarter before the end of the final match of the Champions League against Veszprem, when we were losing 19:28, noone believed in us anymore. Nine goals of loss? Fifteen minutes till the end? Players could have hung their heads down and probably many would do it.

But the players of Kielce have done the impossible, setting the best example of how to fight for dreams. In few minutes they made up for this huge loss, and after probably the most exciting duel in the history of the Champions League, they became the first Polish team that - barely standing on their feet from exhaustion - raised the trophy drowning in streams of golden confetti. Becoming pride not only of Kielce and the Świętokrzyskie region, but of the whole Poland.

Now it's our turn. Now we are playing our match. Now we are fighting to ensure that after the crisis that has covered the world of sport, we can remain at the highest level and give our fans another great emotions and another reason to be proud of.

Our quarter lasts 60 days, and there is 2,5 million PLN that stands on our way to victory. And just like four years ago, many will immediately say that it is impossible. Many can’t afford the support of our team and in the current situation it is fully understood. However, we know that just like on the court, we also have a team of great people off the court!

We are asking for help. Whatever each of you can afford. Every little amount, every share that spreads our action around the sports community will be a huge support for us. We believe that together we will win the match for handball in Kielce.

How you can help:

  • if you can – donate any amount by supporting www.zrzutka.pl/kielcehandball. You can do it from every country. For a minimum payment of PLN 150 you will receive from us a unique certificate confirming your participation in this important match,
  • share the link: www.zrzutka.pl/kielcehandball in your social media, tell your friends about it - maybe others will also join our campaign.

No matter what - thank you for your time!

During the first five days, we collected over PLN 150,000! Support arrives from different directions and some payments are really touching. Among these who support us in this difficult moment are our former players, councilors, students of Kielce schools, Wisła Płock supporters and even Hania Terlecka, who not that long before needed help herself! Thank you very much for every smallest payment, sharing our action and every good word we received. Time is running relentlessly, we still have a lot to collect, but we believe we can do it!

About the crowdfunding campaign:

  • the crowdfunding is one of several possibilities to support KS VIVE Kielce in a difficult period of crisis caused by a coronavirus pandemic, dedicated mainly to fans and all handball fans,
  • at the same time, the club sells season tickets for the 2020/21 season and is actively looking for sponsors and all other financing options,
  • a number of savings have been made at the club to adjust the budget to the new post-pandemic realities of professional sport,
  • the collected amount will be used to maintain the sports level built over the years, the opportunity to compete with the best teams in Europe in the Champions League and be proud not only of Kielce, but also of the whole country and be an active member or European handball community.