10.03.2022, 12:46
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When will Nico, Sigi and Tomek return?

The club physiotherapist, Tomasz Młosiek, reports on the health of the Polish Champions team. "We were getting out of bigger troubles!" - the wellness trainer smiles. Nicolas Tournat, Sigvaldi Gudjonsson and Tomasz Gębala remain out of the game.

In the Łomża Vive Kielce team Sigvaldi Gudjonsson (Achilles tendon surgery), Nicolas Tournat (bruised ribs) and Tomasz Gębala (knee surgery) have been struggling with injuries for a long time.

"In the case of Nico, there was a mechanical injury during the match against Veszprem (03.03.2022.). His ribs are bruised, although we even suspected a fracture at first. It is a very painful injury because it prevents a lot of movement. We think that Nico will be back in the game in about a month, or maybe a bit earlier", explains Mgłosiek.

"Sigvaldi, with our consent, went to Iceland for consultations with a physician and an Achilles specialist. There, a decision was made on the operation, which went according to plan. The reason was an overload of the Achilles tendon that had accumulated over the years. We are in constant contact with Sigi, but there is no need for him to come back to Poland at this stage of rehabilitation. Better if he spends this period with his family. The recovery time for Sigvaldi is three to six months", adds the physiotherapist.

The longest pause there is for Tomasz Gębala, who had to undergo surgery due to damage to the articular cartilage in his knee.

Mgłosiek says: "We are waiting for the results of Tomek's next visit to the doctor who operated him. Tests will be carried out to see how much he has regained the ability to use his leg. Based on these studies, we will decide whether he can return to dynamic training, i.e. running and jumping. From now on, it will be an open question when he returns to the game, because it is a very individual matter how quickly he will adapt. This cannot be predicted.

Haukur Thrastarson and Daniel Dujshebaev have recently returned to the court after long injuries.

"Dani is already feeling well on the court, although the matches will certainly have to be painful. Fortunately, he doesn't report any additional problems, he just needs time to feel better. Haki returns to the highest form and the time playes the most important role here. We can see that Haukur is playing less and less protective and is slowly going into top gear", the wellness coach admits.