The registered office of the VIVE Kielce Sports Club is located in Hala Legionów at ul. Leszka Drogosza 2, in Kielce. The office is open Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The opening hours of the office may change on match days.



Marketing Director

Paweł Papaj

e-mail: p.papaj(at)

Sales Development Director

Dominic Niehoff

e-mail: d.niehoff(at)

Sales Executive

Grzegorz Tkaczyk

e-mail: g.tkaczyk(at)



Agnieszka Zyzik

e-mail: a.zyzik(at)

mobile: +48 505 031 745

Administration and Office Executive

Agnieszka Jęczmińska

e-mail: a.jeczminska(at)

mobile: +48 601 076 619

Administrative Office

Karolina Pabisz

e-mail: klub(at)

mobile: +48 607 144 507

Sales Executives

Sebastian Kozubek

e-mail: s.kozubek(at)

Marketing Executive

Maciej Czerwiec

e-mail: m.czerwiec(at)

Media Executive

Magda Pluszewska

e-mail: m.pluszewska(at)

Club Television Office

Piotr Domagała

e-mail: p.domagala(at)



How to reach KS VIVE Kielce offices?

ul. Leszka Drogosza 2

25-093 Kielce