Wild Match

Each Dziki Mecz (Wild Match) creates more beautiful stories. Some more, others less appealing to the media. Each event will be remembered by the young participants, as well as the competitors of the December rivalry for a long time. Dzik Kiełek (Little-Tusk Boar), a club mascot is the initiator of Dziki Mecz (Wild Match) and has been making thousands of Kielce fans smile for the last eight years.

dziki mecz

Dziki Mecz (Wild Match) is a great celebration for children and adults with handball as its focal point and consists simply in collective fun and abundance of smile, intensified further by the opportunity to play alongside the sport stars. In two teams, Yellow and Blue, the professional players of Łomża Industria Kielce and the youngest handball trainees shall compete against one another. The squads are mixed. Rules? None! Players often give themselves warnings, trifle the referees, throw them out of the pitch like a bale of hay, give piggy-back rides or lift children, thus bypassing the three-step requirement to their amusement. All this has been recorded on video and can be seen in the promotional materials prepared every year by the club TV.

There is an amazing story of Jaś Winiarski, a boy who very much wanted to play in the Dziki Mecz (Wild Match) and asked Dzik Kiełek (Little-tusk Boar) to participate. The Boar challenged him: receive ten thousand likes under your comment on the fanpage, and you will play in one of the teams. Impossible? Not at all. Famous sportsmen, such as Robert Lewandowski or Dariusz Michalczewski, quickly joined the action. Jaś collected more than the required amount of likes and happily joined the first historic Dziki Mecz (Wild Match) and celebrated the fact in a special t-shirt with a wild boar on his chest. Soon, Artur Siódmiak approached Jaś and presented him with another challenge - get thirty thousand likes for the opportunity to perform in his farewell meeting at the ERGO Arena. Jasiu once again achieved his goal and played with his idols.

So far, there have been four editions of the Dziki Mecz (Wild Match). The event takes place every year in December, adorned with the magical atmosphere of Christmas. When the chilly winds fill the deserted streets, we warm ourselves up in Hala Legionów with beautiful emotions.